Minimum 2mbps broadband connection

Discussion in 'Wired and Fixed wireless Broadband' started by HarishMalik, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. HarishMalik

    HarishMalik New Member

    TRAI were going to put a rule out that the minimum speed for a broadband connection would be 2mbps, it has been some time now since this news was out, but it has not been implemented.
    Anyone know what is happening about this, whether it is correct information or not and if it is when it would be implemented.
  2. Jittu

    Jittu New Member

    This is news and good news in fact, with this regulation it seems like there would be some good improvement in broadband plans and I hope this regulation is put in action soon.
  3. Sid

    Sid New Member

    Good news, but I really hope this wont mean that prices will rise!

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