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Discussion in 'Mobile Internet' started by Mohit99, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. Mohit99

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    Reliance's services Jio will also be providing customers with online storage which is called Jio Drive.
    Jio Drive will provide users with 100GB of online storage which can be extended, there is no idea of the extended storage costs as that is yet to be announced by Reliance Jio. The online storage by Reliance will have many features like being able to backup photos instantly clicked or automatically having data backup to the drive.
    Just like Gmail with the Jio Drive you can use the same Jio login to make backups without any hassle or issues. The online storage service will support Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, as well as Android, Windows and iOS phones.
  2. Admin

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    Online back up is a very competitive market and I believe Reliance is just doing this to add more customers rather then making money out of it. There are lot of decent companies providing 25GB free online storage with no time limits. $1 per month would get you a good 100GB with companies like OVH who have a world class network of data centers across the globe. I don't think any one who knows what they are doing would ever pay Reliance for online back up unless there is something we are missing at the moment.
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    That is a lot of data but I am only assuming that you would need to have a Reliance Jio connection in order to get the Jio drive services?

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