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Discussion in 'Wired and Fixed wireless Broadband' started by Jai, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Jai

    Jai New Member

    I am from Delhi and currently using an Airtel 3G connection which gives me 5GB data, but I would like to change my service provider to MTNL. The reason for MTNL is that I have heard that they provide a good reliable connection and it is good when you need to download torrents, which I do. I need help in choosing an appropriate plan so members please advise which plan I should opt for.
    If not MTNL please share details about other ISP's which are good in Delhi.

    What are your suggestions about Reliance broadband?
  2. Garry

    Garry New Member

    I dont know about wired Reliance broadband as I have never used it, although their mobile broadband is quite good. MTNL provides near unlimited data plans and that too for a good cost, other options would include local cable connections such as WorldCall broadband.
    Any other service providers are quite rubbish and when asking for unlimited data plans work out to be costly.
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    As you already use 3G I take it that you dont have a problem with higher latency so that opens up a lot of options. My first choice would be MTS prepaid which gives you 20GB data for Rs999 per month and I have been using it for over a year without any problems. You can look at MTNL 3G which offers a Rs4500 plan for 6 months which gives you 200GB that can be used during those 6 months and another plan for Rs5000 which is valid for a year and gives you 100GB.

    You can also look at your local cable broadband provider as they normally have unlimited plans too.
  4. Ranesh Kumar Das

    Ranesh Kumar Das New Member

    I been using a internet operator named Perfect Internet and it has really good speed :)
    I will show my speed test and speed i get on my 10 mbps unlimted plan at rs 1300
    Contact number for the operator : +917840004648
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